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Whorephobia Affects All Women

July 16, 2010

A few weeks ago, Jezebel featured a post informing readers that Sex Workers’ Rights Are Rights For All Women

Sex workers do all the things women are told not to do — going out at night, wearing “sexy” clothing, talking openly and assertively about sex, sleeping with multiple partners. These behaviors — and sex workers themselves — are likely stigmatized in part to keep women from gaining too much control over their sexuality. But all women deserve such control — and supporting sex workers’ rights may be one way to achieve it.

That’s certainly not a news-flash around this site, but it’s always nice to see mainstream blogs make the point.

What is more interesting, however, is that the Jezebel post is in response to a Guardian UK article, by Thierry Schaffauser, titled Whorephobia Affects All Women

Women are brought up to think of sex workers as “bad women”. It prevents them from copying and taking advantage of the freedoms sex workers fight for, like the occupation of nocturnal and public spaces, or how to impose a sexual contract in which conditions have to be negotiated and respected. Whorephobia operates as a way of controlling and policing women’s behaviour, just as homophobia does for men.

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