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kathleen’s herstory

June 8, 2010

I found this while trying to get the going price for my first edition Kathleen Hanna spoken word 7″ from Kill Rock Stars. I’m not interested in selling it, but a friend mentioned that I should look up prices for some of my records. I have been fairly shocked by how much some of worth, but also how little others go for.

The piece is fairly old, but I was particularly fond of this bit:

Later that year, I think it was 1998, Bikini Kill finally broke up and I took my broken heart to Durham NC. My best friend Tammy and her girlfriend, had started a record label down there called Mr. Lady and they were nice enough to let me move in to their attic. It was from there that I talked Kill Rock Stars into releasing the record I’d made in my apartment and decided to call it Julie Ruin.

Within a year, I left Durham and found myself hanging out in New York with my old Portland buddy Johanna Fateman. She had just finished art school and was getting into electronic music just like I was. It was really her love, patience and friendship that convinced me that making music was not just “something in my past”. We ended up forming a new band called Le Tigre and that’s still what I am most consumed with today.

Tears for Le Tigre.

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