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The vote on PEPFAR reauthorization happens Thursday!

February 12, 2008

Tell your representatives that you oppose restrictions on organization providing essential services to sex workers, and you support science-based teaching in the prevention of HIV/AIDS.


A report, from 2006 (!!!) on how dangerous PEPFAR conditions truly are for the global south.

Report on Bush’s program to combat HIV

A new report released by the Center for Public Integrity finds that President Bush’s $15 billion dollar initiative to combat HIV abroad has failed countries struggling with the pandemic.

The report, titled “Divine Intervention,” was released as countries across the globe observed World AIDS day on Friday. It is the result of a year-long investigation and is the first of its kind to examine the policies, politics and goals of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief known as PEPFAR. The center worked with reporters in eight countries who found that PEPFAR’s faith-based ideology–including promotion of abstinence–often trumps science. The report states, “PEPFAR is failing to stop the global spread of AIDS and failing to help lead the world to stop this deadly disease. Instead of empowering people we are restricting them. We have a flawed framework with flawed policies.”


Sex workers in India, (2 million individuals!!!) started their own magazine, a la America’s $pread, last year. In a post at, Voices of American Sexuality, discussing the magazine, they offer this suggestion:

If you want to support sex workers here and abroad one good way to do so is to push the American government to reform Pepfar, the US emergency plan for AIDS relief.

Let the government know that banning federal aid to organizations that refuse to condemn sex workers is killing women. Visit to find out how you can do more.

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